Bachelorette Nights: The Last Party for Being Single Woman

Everyone knows that bachelorette days will always come to an end. Well, it is not like an end in your career or even to your life. As they say about doors being closed, there is always a window that opens. So this particular event can change the things in your life but opens to new hope, opportunity and love. Bachelorette’s days will end when a lady is about to get married. So before she ever get drowned to whatever problems that she may face, it will best to honor her last night of being a bachelorette. It is time to hold one of the gatherings for women called bachelorettes nights.

What are Bachelorettes nights for?

Bachelorettes nights are the night intended for a woman who is soon to get married. In fact, there are other terms that used to describe this in different countries but are just all similar. According to history, this party was just remodeled or another version of the known bachelor’s party. This party was already known to have practiced ago but was not that entirely accepted by the society until 1980’s. This party does not just served to be the last day of being a bachelorette. It had also marked its cultural significance in the form of gender equality.

The Bachelorette’s Entertainment

Bachelorettes nights is said to be organized by one of the bride’s friends but not the bride herself. She may involve herself in planning or pay for it but not to the extent of entirely host the party. It is already part of the culture so things work just like what it should. The type of entertainment for this kind of party depends on the organizers. Commonly, it includes cocktail party, dinner, drinking games and others. In other countries, the organizers sometimes hire male strippers or sometimes topless waiters. All these things should please the bride-to-be and its guest. But whatever type of entertainment was made, it should not endanger, humiliate, embarrass any of the woman in the party.

HensOther Forms of Party

Bachelorettes nights have also other forms for to who want to go for a change other than the traditional one. One of which is the bridesmaids luncheon. This party can be hosted by the mother or the bride herself. Tokens or small gifts are given to each of her bridesmaid. It is being done weeks or days before the wedding day. Another one is called as hag party. This party includes both men and women where fundraising and drinking game can be really fun for all of them. But these forms may depend on the tradition of the country. Things still depends on this.

Parties are held for the purpose of having fun.  In the case for the bride-to-be, it acts as a social gathering of important women in her like her friends and others. This party may include some naughty chitchat about couples and others. The main purpose of it is for the bride-to-be to enjoy even at the last day of being a bachelorette. So Bachelorettes nights is still the best party for brides-to-be.